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Sell Your Home Fast with a Guaranteed Cash Offer
No listings, no delays, only transparent results

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Get in Touch

Submit your property details using our online form or call us to initiate the process.

Receive Your Offer

We'll assess your information and, if necessary, schedule a property visit to make a fair cash offer.

Close and Get Paid

Accept our offer, choose your closing date, and enjoy a hassle-free cash transaction with no closing costs.



Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash

Quick Closings
Skip the long wait—close your sale in days, not months, without needing mortgage approvals or financial vetting.

No Appraisal Needed
Avoid the typical appraisal delays, making your sale smoother and more predictable.

Lower Closing Costs
Save significantly with no lender fees or hidden costs typical of traditional mortgages.

Sell As-Is
Sell your home in its current condition; no need for costly repairs or upgrades.

Reduced Sale Risks
Fewer contingencies mean less risk of the sale falling through due to financing issues.

Flexible Closing Dates
Enjoy the flexibility to choose your closing date for better coordination of your move or next purchase.

Immediate Financial Relief
Quick cash sales can help alleviate financial pressures like avoiding foreclosure or settling debts.

Opting for Prime Real Estate Advisors enhances these benefits, offering competitive cash offers and a transparent, straightforward selling process from start to finish.


Don't Worry About Repairs or Condition
We See Potential in Every Property

Whether your property is brand new, needs minor updates, or requires major repairs, we're here to make you an offer. We believe every property has potential, and we're committed to providing fair, no-obligation offers for homes in any condition.

We specialize in Florida, but our reach extends throughout the United States. If you're anywhere in the U.S. and need to sell your house quickly, we're here to help. Our goal is to make selling your house as easy and beneficial for you as possible, no matter its condition.

"PREA, A Team That Truly Cares"

"Selling a house can be daunting, but PREA made it feel like a breeze. They not only offered a competitive price for my home 'as-is' but also showed genuine care for my situation. The team was there to answer every question and ease my concerns. It's rare to find a company that combines professionalism with such a personal touch. I'm grateful to have worked with PREA."


  • Rebecca H.

"Fast, Fair, and Friendly—PREA Delivers"

"After receiving a new job offer, I needed to sell my house quickly. I was worried about the time it would take with a traditional sale. Noel and his team at PREA were a game-changer. They presented a fair cash offer within days, and we closed shortly after. Their team was friendly and professional throughout the entire process. Selling my house was the easiest part of my move, thanks to PREA."

  • Aaron T.

"Honesty and Transparency from Start to Finish"

"I've dealt with real estate companies before, but PREA stands out for their honesty and transparency. Yohan walked me through their offer and how they arrived at the number, which really put my mind at ease. It was refreshing to work with a team that cares about being fair and clear. I highly recommend PREA to anyone looking to sell their home easily and with peace of mind."


  • Linda M.

"Sold As-Is and Couldn’t Be Happier"

"A Lifesaver During a Tough Time""Our family home needed a lot of work, and we just didn't have the time or resources to get it market-ready. We reached out to PREA, and Noel made an offer on the house 'as-is.' The process was straightforward, and we didn't have to worry about any hidden fees or surprises. It was such a relief to get the house sold quickly and without any hassle. PREA really made a difference for us."

  • George K.

"A Lifesaver During a Tough Time"

"When my mom passed away, we inherited her house. It was a difficult time, and the thought of dealing with repairs and selling was overwhelming. Yaddiel and the team at PREA stepped in and offered a fair price without us having to lift a finger. They were respectful, understanding, and incredibly supportive. Selling the house was smooth and hassle-free, which was exactly what we needed. Thank you, PREA, for being our lifesaver during such a tough time."


  • Samantha R.

  • Yes, you can select the exact closing date, or we can close as soon as the title is ready.

  • We conduct a comprehensive analysis, including running comparable sales (comps) in your area, assessing the condition of your property, and estimating the costs to bring it up to standard. Our team of expert underwriters specializes in understanding local market trends to ensure a fair and accurate offer.

  • We cover all closing costs. The only expense you'll need to handle is your pro-rated property taxes, which is a requirement in the state of Florida.

  • We buy all types of properties, including single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and multi-family units. Whether your property is in perfect condition or needs extensive repairs, we are interested in making you an offer.

  • No, there is absolutely no obligation when you request an offer from us. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your situation. You are free to accept or decline our offer without any pressure.

  • We typically provide an offer within 24 hours of receiving your property details. Our process is designed to be fast and efficient, so you can move forward with your plans as quickly as possible.

  • Yes, we buy properties in any condition. Whether your home is newly renovated or needs significant repairs, we will make you a fair offer. You don't need to worry about making any improvements before selling.

  • If your property is in foreclosure, we can still help. We have experience working with homeowners in various situations, including foreclosure. Selling your home to us can provide a quick and effective solution to avoid foreclosure and move forward with financial relief.

  • Absolutely. We value your privacy and ensure that all your information is kept confidential. We use secure methods to handle your data and only share necessary details with our team involved in the transaction process.

  • Yes, you can sell your home even if it has tenants. We will work with you to understand the situation and ensure a smooth transition for both you and your tenants.

  • The closing process can be as quick as a few days, depending on your needs and the title process. We strive to accommodate your timeline to make the sale as convenient as possible for you.

  • Our commitment to transparency, personalized service, and fair treatment sets us apart. We focus on understanding your unique needs and providing a seamless, hassle-free selling experience. Our strong community focus and ethical business practices ensure a positive impact beyond just the transaction.


Forget repairs and renovations. 
Sell your property as-is. Save time and skip the stress.

Quick, competitive offers that reflect your property’s true potential, not its current state.

No repairs, no staging, no commissions. We cover it all, so you save more.

Clear and straightforward from start to finish. We guide you through every step.


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