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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Tampa Florida

Our journey into real estate was driven by a strong desire to understand investment Properties. I first became a real estate agent and didn't take long to realized there was much more to the industry.


It was only after I invested in my personal growth, sought guidance from mentors, and enrolled in educational courses that I gained a deep understanding of this Industry. Along this path, I explored wholesaling, creative financing, and agent activities. After investing over $40,000 in education and engaging in more than 6,400 live conversations with sellers during my first year, I uncovered a significant problem.


The differences in opinions among wholesalers, investors, and agents about property value and transaction details that left many sellers confused and missguided based on their singular perspective and benefits.


At Prime Real Estate Advisors, we take a different approach to the real estate business. We've built a team of professionals all under one roof.

We invest in properties ourselves, explore creative financing options, and every member of our team holds a license, allowing us to list properties on the MLS through our brokerage of 87+ agents.


The beauty of our approach is that you, the client, make the decision. We listen to your desired outcome and next phase to recommend the path with the highest likelihood of achieving it.


Our commitment is to provide clarity, transparency, and a personalized approach to real estate, ensuring that you are empowered to make informed decisions about your property. Prime Real Estate Advisors is here to transform your real estate journey into a seamless and successful experience.

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